The Tube is connected to all other modules of Windnova, creating multiple project reports -on time and scheduled basis- allowing each user to create its own reports with the information that is relevant at that moment.

The document management stores all sorts of documents in Windnova´s cloud, assuring an easy control and a safe storage of the documents.

Document viewer can be accessed with no need to download any documents increasing data protection and time.

A recommended folder tree structure is already given, assisting the user to allocate documents in the right place since day one. As the system is Project Specific, folders and document numbering can be created following the project specific requirements, allowing an easy document follow up to all users.


Document Manager

The Document Manager is a solution for document management where documents and reports are stored online and can be browsed and visualized. Reports and documents can as well be downloaded from The Tube. Documents stored in The Tube can either be produced by Windnova or can be uploaded for external data sources in multiple file formats.

Report Creator

The Report Creator allows for creation of Windnova documents. Windnova documents are related to information from other modules. Information in the report can be tailored according to the report needs. Documents and reports can be created manually or can be scheduled, daily, weekly and monthly.


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