The Project Register module includes a register of Contractors, Vessels and Ports for the project. It also includes a Personnel section enabling control and monitoring of the human resources.

During the construction works of an offshore project, since the first survey starts until the final commissioning is finished, thousands of people can easily be involved. During this time and the operational and maintenance and decommissioning phases, Windnova does not only track the performance of each contractor, vessel, port and each individual in the wind farm; it also controls trainings and certificates, assuring a complete control and management of personnel and equipment at all times.

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Compile information from all your approved contractors, classify them by activity and monitor their performance getting statistics by Contractor. Contrast information for appropriate decision making.


Windnova counts with a constantly growing database of vessels used in the offshore construction industry giving the user a full overview of its fleet possibilities. Register your vessels used in the project for each project activity and get your performance statistics and availability considering specific vessel working limitations.


Full database of personnel involved in the project. The Personnel register allows for control
 and expiration dates of the certifications held & trainings performed by personnel. It allows for full control of man-hours and overview of performance and activities.


WTG register allows viewing information for each WTG. Specific WTG information is displayed and it includes a turbine log book and if available, SCADA dependent figures, such as turbine availability, climatological records and data from other sensor installed devices.


A list of suitable ports
 for offshore industrial activity in Europe and its contact details is available in Windnova. Browse them by name, authority or country or insert your port.

Lessons Learnt

Lessons learnt improve the learning curve of the project - the lessons learnt register allows for sharing information to improve project development.


A meeting-tool system has been designed to accelerate projects, assigning actions and deadlines to responsible parties; it has been designed to maintain the projects in time and budget whilst keeping a record of actions and decision-making in a standard online minute format.

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Actions
  • Attendees


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