Just at a quick glance, the Marine Coordinator can, at anytime, know what are the personnel and vessel movements and activities carried out in the field and its exact location. The Marine coordination module provides a marine overview of the fleet showing always the current location where marine contractors, personnel and vessels are in the actual whereabouts map.

The personnel and vessel movements are registered as log and sheet transfers respectively. This information is used for monitoring live activities whilst keeping a chronological registry of transfers along with project development.

Additionally, related information to geographical alerts can be included and is incorporated to the map, i.e. spills, intersections etc.

Intrusions in the concession areas are as well automatically notified through the notification system with the evidences of intrusions.


Transfer Sheet

Vessel movements are registered as Sheet Transfers. Sheet transfers contain information regarding vessel itinerary, including vessel departure date, time and port location. Information also includes expected return date, time and port arrival.

Live Vessel Tracking

Vessel tracking is also possible with the Windnova’s Marine Coordination solution. Vessel positions are displayed graphically on the map and information is updated continuously.

Transfer Log

Personnel movements are registered as Log Transfers. Personnel registered in the system are associated to port, vessel, WTG and OHVS locations, leaving an easy chronological record of movements.

Live Personnel Tracking

Live personnel tracking is a must in case of emergency management and has other applications such as measuring personnel performance. Windnova associates automatically log transfers for live personal tracking whilst displaying personnel locations in the map at every time.

Statistics & Overview

An overview of all marine coordination events is offered in a graphical display. The Overview shows relevant marine coordination figures from the project and for the project.

Exclusion Areas

Concession areas and other desired areas can be set in Windnova as Exclusion Areas for marine coordination. Automatic notifications inform intrusions from non-allowed intrusion vessels into these areas.


The historic is a registry of documents or records of all marine coordination events occurred. The historic allows for an easy handling of information that can be consulted at any time.


A geographical alerting system is incorporated in the actual whereabouts section to insert in the map your geographical alerts such as dropped objects, beacons, cardinal points etc. Information can aslo be added to each specific alert.


  • A system designed to monitor and track personnel
  • Card swipe for Automatic Transfer System
  • Reducing quantitatively Marine
  • Coordinator´s daily workload
  • Providing a real-time control of activity
  • Improving controlling measures


Card readers are a complementary tool compatible with Windnova Marine Coordination System and can be optionally installed in relevant work locations such as vessels, turbines and OHVS.

Readers allow to swipe personnel’s cards automatizing marine coordination tasks whilst providing a close monitoring of personnel in Windnova.


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