Offshore wind projects are long and have many different interfaces, it is therefore expected that many activities overlap in time, unexpected events occur and milestones need to be modified. Appropriate management of onshore and offshore activities is very challenging and time consuming.

Windnova's project execution module incorporates an overview of relevant interfaces and possible interactions in the project schedule, assisting the operations and project managers to make decisions in time, limiting the risk of delays and its consequential losses. From pre-assembly to commissioning, operations are tracked. Items can be filtered by component and element. Relevant information including item and serial number as well as delivery date are available.

A daily activity schedule for operations is shown and it is implemented to the overall operations matrix, which shows to the user the overall project development. In addition, a graphic display shows to the user an overview of daily activity and custodies of assets.

"First hand information for appropriate decision-making."


The Park Status and Park Custodies to consult at anytime the relevant information required to take the appropriate measures and attain realistically your goals.

Park Status

The Park Status shows the current-live status for turbines, cabling and substations. A legend indicates each status, for instance, a turbine can be energized or commissioned etc. Statuses change and update automatically when works are performed in the respective project locations.

Park Custodies

Custodies are assigned to the relevant parties or contractors. Park Custodies are displayed graphically for the turbines and OHVS.


The Progress & Construction Overview displays a progressive and cumulative timeline of project information and facts. The Construction Overview includes the Offshore Contractors Time by activity Distribution as well as offshore time distribution employed for WTG, Foundations, Cables and OHVS.


A system to record and filter main components delivered to onshore site location is available and integrated in the Project Execution Module. This component register is connected to other sections, facilitating the management of components through serial number registering from delivery, pre-defining quality inspection checklists and associating Non Conformity creation to compnents facilitating as well component tracking.


The offshore work is reported through tailored reports to input project information according to the client requirements, some of the basic reports Windnova includes for its clients in the Project Execution module are the Daily Progress Report, the Positioning Report and the Installation Report.

Daily Progress Report

The Daily Progress Report allows the user to input information regarding activities carried out by the vessels.

Positioning Report

The Positioning Report allows keeping a track of leg positioning and deviation for installation vessels jacking up next project locations.

Installation Report

The Installation Report allows inserting meteorological wind and wave readings taken on site at a given frequency, these can be constrasted with predicted weather windows.


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